Seahorse - the Tagging solution from CoreFiling, the providers of HMRC's own software

Accessed via a standard internet browser, Seahorse intelligently tags the numeric data and free text held in Word or Excel documents, using the relevant taxonomy. Its learning engine enables Seahorse to make smart, predictive tagging decisions. The software incorporates a 'traffic light' system to prioritise review activity, with an intuitive, split screen view for rapid cross-referencing of tags against the taxonomy. 

The final iXBRL document can then be exported and appended to the other tax forms ready for filing with HMRC/Revenue. Seahorse can also do ‘Templating’ - reusing the tags selected for one set of accounts to tag similar sets, or indeed next year’s accounts, making the process even faster. It can also use an iXBRL filing produced by another piece of software as its start point.

          Seahorse features

  • Cloud solution - no software to install or maintain
  • Predictive, intelligent tagging against UK and Irish GAAP, IFRS, Charity & Banking taxonomies,  FRS101/2 (all with Irish extensions as needed)
  • Learning engine stores tagging decisions, for faster tagging in subsequent years
  • Secure, web-hosted software service
  • 'Traffic light' classification of tags to prioritise review activity
  • Intuitive split screen view for quick cross-referencing between tags and taxonomy
  • Full audit trail tracking every action
  • ​Available as a tagging service, or as a tool for you to use to do the tagging in-house

Alui partners with CoreFiling to provide a full tagging service, or to sell, support, and train in Seahorse for companies who choose to use the solution in house. Our experienced team has been supporting financial systems for decades, and our tagging service is provided by UK based ex-Big 4 accountants.

To see Seahorse in action, register for one of our regular webinars and/or submit the form below.  To discuss your requirements, give us a call on 01420 550750, or email