iXBRL Tagging for submission to HMRC or Irish Revenue

Whichever country you submit your accounts in, you must now provide accounts that are fully tagged in iXBRL format. Since the mandate came into play, both UK and Irish taxonomies have changed regularly. We can offer you a service or a solution to use in-house that ensures you submit validated accounts.

Seahorse® simplifies full accounts tagging
From the very beginning of the iXBRL mandate, the Seahorse solution - developed by CoreFiling, inventory of iXBRL and providers of solutions to HMRC and other statutory bodies - has offered or full tagging of Word and Excel documents. There are many inbuilt ways in which the software can take the pain out of full tagging, minimising the time taken to apply the full set of tags and generate the iXBRL file.

The power of the learning engine
Seahorse makes it easy to choose the right tag. Principally, the inbuilt learning engine automatically presents you with viable tag options, together with a confidence rating derived from the number of times each tag has been chosen for that particular concept by the community of accounting professionals now using Seahorse to convert their documents. With the arrival of the original - and now the updated - FRS 101, 102 and IFRS, Seahorse’s learning engine has already been taught about the new taxonomies, including the 2018 requirement to include Detailed Profit & Loss in Irish submissions.

Alui's team of tagging specialists are all ex-Big 4 trained accountants - we can offer you a cost effective tagging service, or assistance in using Seahorse in-house.


Help is at hand for financial institutions that need to file their first  COREP, FINREP, Asset Encumbrance and other regulatory reports in XBRL. Seahorse is an easy-to-use cloud-based product for managing XBRL disclosures, that will also handle Solvency II requirements. Available now, Seahorse is an inexpensive, risk-free solution to the compliance issue. Based on robust, proven software, Seahorse guides filers through a simple workflow process, without the need to understand the intricacies of XBRL. Accessed via a standard web browser, Seahorse handles the following essential steps

- Generation of Excel forms according to the relevant taxonomy

- Conversion of the completed forms into XBRL documents ready for submission

- XBRL document validation against the latest regulatory rules

Read more here: datasheet-seahorse-eu.pdf

Country by Country Reporting

If you’re a group of businesses, with at least one based in the UK and at least one in another country and you have a consolidated group revenue of at least €750 million you will have to submit a Country by Country Report to HMRC in XML format. We can offer you an easy to use solution, that will validate your report to ensure it meets the statutory requirements prior to filing. Read more here: Country by Country Reporting.pdf

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